Exploring the Un |Seen

J. D. Rasch

Duality – abstraction and representation, the literal and the metaphorical, science and mysticism, the unseen and the seen – is a predominant theme in my work.  These pieces, based on electron microscopy, particle accelerators, and radio astronomy are an expression of both the patterns of the natural world and the metaphors underlying modern science.   They allow us to see the beauty in the repulsive, to find knowledge in the unknown, to observe the unseen to more clearly see our world.

The techniques I use in creating the images are further expressions of duality.  Gold in images from science echoes the gold halos of religious icons and the tiny, fine lines are amassed to render microscopic and subatomic images on a large scale and the galactic on a small scale.

The images are meant to be perceived as abstractions, in which form and color stand on their own, as literal images of concrete reality, and as a challenge to see the unseen and make the unseen seen.


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